Top Ten Upgrades For a Sport Car

A number of factors contribute in determining the speed of a car. When doing an upgrade, focus on things which can deliver extra fuel and air into the engine. In addition to these, you’ll need to place other upgrades to force out the extra exhaust created by the addition combustion.

Possible Upgrades

  1. Air Intake Kit. Increasing air intake is a sure way to increase the horsepower of your car. For a steady and uninterrupted air flow, keep the filter pipes clean.
  2. Intake Manifolds. As important as it is to intake more air, it is crucial for that air to be put to use ¬†in an optimal way. The path and the length the air travels from the filter to the combustion chamber has an immense effect on the engine’s performance and so does the volume of air. The Intake Manifold is the last piece of the air intake path.
  3. Exhaust. As you increase the air and fuel input to the engine, the higher combustion does lead to higher exhaust. The most the exhaust, the more is the restriction in the engine. Getting rid of the exhaust fumes quicker by upgrading the car exhaust system improves the engine performance.
  4. Nitrous Oxide. Nitrous oxide cylinders are added for additional oxygen supply to the engine. It also cools the intake air. It is used on demand when needed for additional burst of power.
  5. Turbochargers. Another popular addition, a turbocharger, pushes compressed air into the engine which in turn creates room for more air and in turn more fuel. That means each cylinder has extra powerful combustion which then amplifies the power output.
  6. Performance Camshafts & ¬†Injectors. A camshaft controls the amount of air that can enter the engine’s combustion chamber while Injectors control the fuel. Upgrade for additional performance.
  7. Suspension. Suspension can be improved by upgrading or adding sway bars, tower braces, h-braces etc.
  8. Tires. Upgrade your tires and keep their tension in check. A worn out tire is a safety hazard. Tires that offer good amount of friction are better for faster driving, not to mention safe around turns.
  9. Rims. If you’re upgrading the rims, don’t just go for the ones that look cool. Make sure the ones you choose are lighter, too. Remember, a lighter car is a faster car.
  10. Brakes. This is one part you should not try to save money on. As you upgrade your car for better performance, you should also be prepared to brake safely, especially if you are going at a high speed.

So, now you know all there is to know about upgrading your sports car to get the best performance out of it.

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