Top 10 Tips For a Beginner Racer

Racing is an adventure sport for many and usually racing drivers compete against each other in races to win the titles. It is a sport that needs complete attention, physical fitness, endurance, strength, fearlessness and a lot of driving techniques. Racing requires a lot of discipline; it’s a professional career that gives handsome living to the racer.

Car Racing: A Lifestyle Choice

Car racing is more than just competing, people make a lot of money by it because there are lots of things that are required, and dedication is a must. A professional racer needs to be completely in sync with his car racing career that requires a lot of investments in terms of time, efforts and also money.

Car racers usually have free time when they are not racing, but that is the time they need to devote to practice. A car racer needs to be in perfect physical shape and at the peak of their health at all times. They are seriously dedicated to racing and that gives them utmost desire to win.

Beginners’ Lesson in Racing

Car racing inspires people a lot, but beginners need to be really up and ready to take this sport in a very professional and determined manner:

  1. One has to be a good driver in the first place. Rookies in usual driving have a long way to go before they can think of racing.
  2. One has to be academically trained in terms of vehicles and their possibilities. A racer must know his car like the palm of his hand, which means theoretical knowledge is also involved.
  3. A wannabe racer must be ready to stick to a diet and avoid consumption of alcohol. As it was already stated, good physical shape is required.
  4. Certain purely physical criteria are inevitably involved. Race drivers spend lots of time in the car, in high temperatures, and endure accelerations on a regular basis. So the wannabe driver has to be physically strong and healthy, especially in terms of cardiovascular system.
  5. Other important factors are quick responsiveness, ability to process lots of information in seconds, resistance to stress. These issues depend on inborn qualities of the brain and nervous system, so for some people, it may be physically impossible to become a racer.
  6. Good eyesight matters.
  7. Group riding for beginners helps to build confidence and pick up tricks of the trade from other drivers.
  8. Mentors are helpful in nurturing talent; they are experienced racers and have more experience than you can dream of. They help you communicate your fears and doubts because they have been through the same. They will guide and help the novice racer.
  9. A racer has to decide what type of races he wants to get in, there are hill climbing races, road races, rallying, circuit race and the list goes on.
  10. Surf the web a lot to find clubs, local racing events, and likeminded people.

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