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Is Racing a Team Sport or Not

Auto car racing is the job for one person, the race car driver, but he or she can’t go very far without the help of an expert team to back them up.

The success for one person is the success for the entire team. A racer is undoubtedly one person, who has skills and technical knowledge of driving on the tracks, but the skilled technicians are the people who make it possible. The driver won’t get very far if the engineers and technicians on his or her team don’t do their part of the job efficiently.

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Racing Car Preparations

Racing car preparations start way ahead of the actual car racing. First and foremost you will have to get a good sponsor who will finance your race in terms of staff, marketing, equipment, expertise, etc. Just right from the beginning till the end, you require finances to get ready for the game, because let’s be honest, racing is really an expensive game.

There are lots of people who get involved in making one race successful, and winning the title brings in more accolades not only for the racer but involves teams, staff and bigger sponsors.

To ensure your success in the race, you need the support of your team members that includes mechanics, assistants, marketers, etc. For an outside observer, car racing might seem like a individual sports as they see just the car racer who is at the front of the audience and the one who actually races.

Major Players For Making Car Racing

Racing may mean a solitary sport but it is not, it requires dozens of people to get a car on track and the driver ready for the race. Some of its biggest players and partners in the race are:

  • Owners. He or she is the one who owns the team, they hire people and take decisions and have ultimate control of everything in the race. The team owner also deals with the important things like sponsorship, finances, etc.
  • Team Manager. The team manager usually copes with day-to-day administration of racing arrangements, trainings, and provides cohesion of the team.
  • Crew Members.The chief of the crew is responsible for activities relating to building or tweaking of the vehicle. The activities involve adjusting the suspension, tuning the engine, and much more. The crew chief is the person, who knows all about the vehicle mechanism. The crewmembers are experienced personnel having technical knowledge of the vehicle and carrying out all maintenance works.

Racing a car onto the final day of the race involves a number of processes to be done and a number of people to contribute their efforts. Racing car champions are not made just in a day, there are many unseen efforts relating to their training and preparing their car for the race.

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