Gilles Nantet

How To Achieve Success In Auto Racing. Success By Gilles Nantet

Gilles Nantet achieved his very first victory on asphalt in the year 1983 at Rally Ain Jura. He was driving a R5 Turbo. Up to now, he has achieved a total of six victories, winning the titles in the year 1983, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2011 and 2012. Gilles Nantet is the owner of Serfim recycling and Nantet companies. He is the president at Syndicat des recycleurs du BTP since the year 2015.Gilles Nantet

Sponsorships Matter A Lot

Many racers attend racing schools to get better on tracks, since the best lessons are learnt just when you are on tracks and dealing with people. The times could really be hard when you are just starting off. A racer can’t go very far without sponsorship. One of the biggest achievements in your career is the support from your sponsors. If you have good sponsors to support you and get your finances ready for the races, you are all set to go. Recently large sponsors are different IT firms, services – for example, online casinos. You might wonder what racing has to do with online casinos; but the truth is that thanks to a lot of people gambling online, casinos do tend to have a lot of money. So, they are ideal sponsors for a racer who is just starting out.

Auto Car Racing: An Aspiring Sport!

Auto Car Racing requires a lot of personal discipline as a sport, but it promises a very good career. There are many famous personalities who dedicated their lives to racing. Most race car drivers do what they do keeping specific goals in mind. It is a dream career for many people.

What You Need To Advance In Driving Career

Race car driving requires a very determined mind that is focused towards achieving one’s goals. It also requires following points:

  • Good plan and budget. Every sport car driver aspires big, but without a well-developed and detailed plan and a sporting budget, you are nowhere close to your goals.
  • Long term financial issues. Racing is a very attractive sport, it requires long term sponsorships, so the racer has to possess certain skills and personal qualities, to provide returns that the sponsors expect.
  • Marketability. You need to sell yourself, you need to have lot of fans following you. That way, you can market yourself well and the sponsors will support you.
  • Talent and Versatility. These are two biggest tools that can capture mass attention not just from fans, but also from sponsors and mass media.  
  • Mentors. Mentors are the people who can guide you well, if you have good connections and your own network, you get the best opportunities and ideas to deal with.
  • Willingness to adapt and aspire. People follow you for the reason that you are successful. But remember that in sports like racing, you can’t get very far if you are not adaptable and flexible. You will have to change when change is required, that is the only way to ensure long term success.